Saturday, 30 April 2011

Wills and Kate get spliced

Well the much hyped Royal Wedding went off without a hitch. I spent a lot of the morning reading the hilarious tweets about it and some of the comments cheered me up no end. It's nice to see that people are pretty astute and don't all fall for the publicity. It seems to me, as a casual observer, that the media were the ones most excited about it. I could only stand to watch about twenty minutes of the tv coverage and most of that with the sound off because the obsequious ramblings of journalists and so-called experts was bringing on my gag reflex. I sincerely hope non-Brits don't imagine this kind of grovelling is representative of Britain. What we weren't allowed to see were the hordes of riot police keeping any demonstrations well away from the cameras.

But that's them married and good luck to them. The track record of royal marriages isn't great, but I hope theirs lasts into old age. A good marriage is the greatest gift anyone can have.

If you were on the dark side of the moon and managed to miss it, here's the livened up version.


Jen said...

I was at work, and the choice for television viewing was the Royal Wedding, or So You Think You Can Dance. We watched the wedding, with the volume down. I think we all need a bit of pomp and circumstance in our lives, or do I mean bread and circuses?

Anyway, the bride looked lovely, the groom looked dashing, and good luck to the pair of them!

Jen said...

Forgot to add - that T Mobile ad was brilliant!