Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Big News - Big Bad Wolf is Dead

Official sources have confirmed that after prolonged action by Nato forces in the vicinity of Three Little Pigs Wood, the evil terrorist known locally as Big Bad Wolf has been killed.

"We had him surrounded for several days," said General Red R Hood who commands the Twelfth Pixie Division deployed in the area. "We were acting on information given to us by a number of diminutive pigs who had suffered harassment at the hands of this evil character for many years. Apparently he has been responsible for acts of destruction against their property and had it not been for the advanced technology of brick housing they might have all lost their lives."

General Hood went on to say how Wolf had held sway in the area for years and even attacked and eaten her own granny in a basket-related incident. "Luckily I arrived in time to save her and Wolf suffered an injury to the stomach yet still managed to escape. For some time we believed he might be dead until this latest atrocity drew our attention. It is a great relief to the fairy tale community to know that this evil character is no more."

Big Bad Wolf was bombed to smithereens by several hundred tons of explosive, removing any doubt as to his death, and any trace of forensic evidence.

Osama Bin Laden is 63.


Anthony Cowin said...

I think Binny was 55. All I keep thinking about is something I read. It takes a great marksman to shoot a person in the head, one of the most difficult shots in fact. Yet they got him twice in his noggin. How come with that sort of gunslingery at work couldn't they shoot his legs or arms and bring him in?

Sandra Patterson said...

Good question.