Thursday, 13 January 2011

Me New Telly

I'm noticing with advancing years a certain resistance to change. This is new to me. In my youth I embraced anything new with unseemly abandon, but these days I view the acquisition of new technology with a jaundiced weariness.

Why does this happen? Maybe it's because we have gone through so many disappointments over the years, the prospect of getting our hopes up over the latest gismo is too much to bear. But like it not we all have to move with the times get with it sooner or later.

Me telly's been very reliable. Can't remember when we bought it exactly but it must be ten years at least, and it has served us well in that time. But lately the colour's been fading, and with a square screen it's the wrong shape for most films which are always in letterbox format. You end up with an unfocused background shot and two anonymous actors chopped off either side of the screen. So Mr P and I trotted along to the sales to see what else was on offer.

Hasn't technology moved on in 10+ years? Walking into Comet you're faced with a wall of flat screens, wafer thin and sharp as a pin. After much humming and hawing we plumped for the Sony 40", on at practically half price. They even threw in delivery. Not bad.
It arrived yesterday and was remarkably simple to set up. We celebrated by watching Burn After Reading, a Coen Brothers' comedy with George Clooney and Brad Pitt. My darkened living room felt just like the movies. I've a feeling I'll be doing a lot more tv viewing from now on.


Sue Roebuck said...

Come on now, unglue those peepers from the telly, there's work to be done. Makes you wonder where technology will go next, doesn't it? Just when you think it can't go any further...whoosh! I suppose they thought that when colour telly came out.

Fiona Faith Maddock said...

Now you've entered the new world of panoramic 40" viewing, there's no going back. Trust me.

Sandra Patterson said...

Fiona, is that the voice of experience?

Yes, technology moves fast these days, Sue. I feel like I've been peering through a letter box all these years!

Ian said...

I love my new 40" flat screen! Only problem is, I put in the new blu-ray dvd of 2001: A Space Odyssey and got a double image... I've discovered that my eyes are so shot I now need ANOTHER pair of glasses to watch telly...