Monday, 10 January 2011


Just noticed my followers have bumped up to a massively intimidating 47! Thanks folks, I appreciate it although it does mean I'm going to have to write interesting stuff instead of the usual incoherent drivel.

This self promotion lark is a rum business and no mistake. What with Twitter and Facebook and my website, not to mention all the writers' forums I lurk on it's a miracle I ever get five minutes of real writing done. Maybe I should take on a secretary just to do my tweets? Or I could cut down on the housework, although I'm not sure how I could shave off any more time from my annual dust. Suggestions please, all you vastly more experienced surfers out there.

Here are some interesting links for you. I have posted them elsewhere but you might have missed them.

SF and Fantasy authors might be interested in knowing publisher Angry Robot are having an unagented submissions month in March 2011. Full details here.

Zeno Agency are currently open for submissions (only temporarily so don't hang about). Please read what they are looking for here.

Literary Agents Tibor Jones have announced the Pageturner Prize for unpublished authors. Attach your full manuscript with a blurb about the book in the body of your email. Full details here.

Oh, and by the way, my reprobate alter ego, publisher Edie Tor is back in business. Read her blog here.


Kate Kyle (scribocin) said...

Congratulations on growing nomber of readers :)

not sure if this may work for you but I've decided to do some writing during my lunch break at wokr (work= that daything which gets in the way of writing).

Otherwise I'd recommend cutting down on housework and/or multitasking, e.g. cooking in batches (at least 3 meals at once) and writing.
have you considered (ekhm) optimising Other Half/children involvment in all that boring stuff that gets in the way of writing?

Fiona Faith Maddock said...

I love your twitter graph. I wish we'd been allowed to do graphs like that at uni.