Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Goodbye snow!

The temperature got up to 4 degrees today! After the last month of icy winter weather when we've either been chilled to the marrow by arctic winds or skidding around on inches of frozen snow it's felt positively balmy. Walking out with Theo this afternoon I was amazed to see golfers on the still flooded golf course, no doubt desperate for a game after weeks without. The beach was surprisingly busy - people flocking once again to the great outdoors after so long huddled in the warmth of their houses.

It struck me how pleasant it is just being able to walk normally along a pavement without measuring every step. The world looks so colourful again now its white blanket has melted away. And it reminds me of how wonderful the world is, when we bother to look at it. I felt like running up the ninth fairway a la Julie Andrews and singing The Hills Are Alive.


Patsy said...

Fantastic picture.

Lexi said...

Hurrah! I've gone off snow...

Bike journeys are much nicer now.