Monday, 12 April 2010

A birthday moan...

Happy Birthday to Me
Happy Birthday to Me
Happy Birthday dear Me-e
Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, another year older. And that's not all I have to moan about.

This year has so far been a catalogue of disasters. Last week alone my boiler broke down and I spent an evening in A&E with a sprained ankle. Just when I dare to think things can only get better something even worse happens. So to be honest I feel a bit like a bombing survivor staggering from the shelter and hoping the sniper has better targets to go after.

But today the sun is shining, I have a bottle of champers chilling in the fridge and a load of cards on the sideboard so I can't complain really. OK, so I can't get all the candles on the cake without the fire brigade turning up, but who wants to be young, anyway? Over-rated if you ask me.


Joanne Fox said...

Maybe this birthday will be the turning point in your year. Enjoy your cake and champagne. x

Lexi said...

Happy Birthday!

I do rather agree with you about 2010 thus far.But it's got eight months to redeem itself.

I am prepared to admit, if offered the chance to be twenty again, I'd leap at it. Sure I'd do it better second time around :o)

Sophie Playle said...

Happy Birthday, Sandra! There are some birthday wishes over at the Bar from all the Critters, too. :)

Sandra Patterson said...

Thanks folks!

Kate said...

I hope this will cheer you up a little, Sandra. I just awarded you a "Beautiful Blogger Award". Details on my blog.