Sunday, 14 December 2008


You may recall I mentioned the YouWriteOn free POD offer in an earlier post.
By all accounts, with the promised Christmas deadline looming, it has not gone swimmingly, with huge delays and many books listed on Amazon with mistakes on the covers. It's caused a lot of worry and distress, lots of bad publicity for the site and much frantic posting on writers' boards. I have to say it doesn't surprise me. The aim of publishing 5000 books in a few weeks always looked like wishful thinking.

But I really feel for the people who put their faith in YWO and have been let down, so I won't be joining in with the I-told-you-so gloating that some are indulging in. Nor will I be joining in with the condemnation of YWO which I believe provides writers with a useful free peer-review service. The whole thing just makes me sad.


Tracy said...

Oh dear, I hadn't realised all this had happened but I agree with your sentiments, Sandra. I'm not surprised either, 5,000 struck me as a ridiculously high number for such a short space of time.
At least significant amounts of money haven't been handed over.

Sandra Patterson said...

That is one saving grace, Tracy. It must be so disappointing but at least no one is out of pocket.