Monday, 20 October 2008

So hard to settle...

Everything is conspiring against me writing at the moment.

First, I'm wondering about my manuscript submission. Has anyone looked at it yet? Has anyone opened the envelope yet? Is it already winging its way back to me with "No Thanks" stamped on the front page?

I keep remembering bits of the story, cringing at the thought of someone reading it. "Why did I leave that in? It's terrible!"

I keep trying to concentrate on the other book I'm trying to edit into shape, but find myself surfing the Net instead.

And the other major distraction is the new addition to the family, my 9 week old cavalier pup, Theo who demands my full attention when he isn't sabotaging my attempts at writing. Pen drives make good chew toys, I have discovered. Authors beware.

So I'm not getting a lot done at the moment. I've tentatively signed up for Nanowrimo next month to try and focus myself, but I don't know how successful it'll be. I could use it to get this editing job done, and there's a comic novel I started last month but shelved after the first two chapters.

Here's hoping...


Tracy said...

I'm exactly the same - all thoughts focussed on waiting for the reply, nothing else gets done.
I hope they don't keep you waiting too long.

At least you've got Theo to distract you.

Take care
Tracy :-)

Lori said...

I would do the same. But I am just dreaming of the day when my manuscript gets into a shape that deserves to be submitted. I envy you. These are good times, right?