Wednesday, 8 October 2008

All quiet on the submissions front...

It's quiet. Too quiet.

Got my last rejection on Sunday. Sunday? Yes, and what's more I only emailed it to them the previous Thursday pm so that gave them barely three days to read it.

Now, I don't mind getting a rejection. (Well, I do, obviously, but that's another story.) The thing I mind is getting a suggestion with it to send my manuscript to a Literary Consultancy (which probably charges an exorbitant fee) when they likely haven't even read my submission. Are they getting a little backhander from the Lit Consultancy to send work their way, I wonder? And is this professional behaviour?

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Tracy said...

Sorry to hear about the rejection, guess it's the week for it.
Re the literary consultancy business, I think this is quite common now. I do believe there are some publishers/agents who prefer the manuscript to have been through this process, it's yet another filter in the hard slog that is - being accepted.
There are a couple of reputable agencies that also work as agent scouts, so I do think they are worth giving a go but, if like me, there is no way you can afford their fees it becomes a major obstacle.
It's certainly not easy, is it?!