Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Art Of War For Writers

Yes, I know I said I wasn't going to buy any more writing books - or if I didn't I probably thought it - but I weakened again this week following a bit of advice I spotted on The Book Deal.

The Art of War For Writers by James Scott Bell is a handy little book, divided into 77 bite-sized chapters each one entitled with a maxim like The Outsized Ego Is Not A Weapon of Value and Characters All Alone Should Do More Than Think.

I haven't finished it yet but it's very wise and entertaining, a quick easy read full of useful tips.


Joanne Fox said...

I find it hard to resist books on writing. Many of them come down to the same basic points in the end, but sometimes one author's approach seems to connect with me better than another's.

Sandra Patterson said...

Me too, Joanne. I'm fascinated by other people's experiences and method. But you're right, some books ring truer than others.