Monday, 29 June 2009

Hiring a Pro?

I'm posting this fascinating article on hiring a professional editor to help prepare your book for submission. It's not an issue discussed very often on the internet and there doesn't seem to be an easy yes or no answer, but I get the feeling it's becoming a lot more common than people think. As publishing companies cut back more and more the prospect of getting editing in-house gets less likely, so the more you can get your own submission into shape the better your chance of acceptance.

And here is a bit of shameless mother's pride. My elder son Mike has just completed his degree in digital animation and his project for this year has been nominated with two others for a Royal Television Society Student Award. Here is the link to his animation, but you will need to have installed Quiktime and be running Firefox or Safari for the best results. Enjoy!


Tracy said...

Tell your son - Fantastic stuff. Really enjoyed it.
My brother originally trained as an animator and works in the computer games industry and is off to China soon to work at a major company over there and I once had a job designing stuff at Framestore so with all these things around me I know what time-consuming work it all is. :)

Sandra Patterson said...

Thanks, Tracy. What a small world - you're the first person I know who has some connection with animation. Mike would ideally love to work in gaming but he'll take what he can get! Not an easy field to break into.
Cheers, Sandra

Tracy said...

At least Scotland is a good place. My brother's been working in Dundee for years.
Work experience - tell him to get as much as he can.