Monday, 16 March 2009

My Web Site

Did I mention my new website?

It's been up and running a couple of weeks now and I've been amazed how easy it was to set up and maintain. It's a free domain, so it costs me not a penny. The only downside is there are ads on it over which I have no control. But I haven't found them intrusive at all.

The problem I have is I keep going back to tweak it and there's this marvellous thing called Clicky which you get free for a month or something and it tells you all sorts of data about who has visited, what they did, where they linked from etc. Everything except the colour of their underwear (major omission).

So in addition to all the pointless surfing, networking, facebooking and writers boarding I'm webbing too. Where do I find time to write?

Anyway, do visit my new website.

Did I mention I have a new website?

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