Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Cracking on

I'm cracking on with the current WIP, now a few words shy of the 50k word mark, Chapter 17. In the last week the story has really taken off and I feel like it's moving along at a cracking pace. Sometimes it's like that, leaving me struggling to keep up.

Part of the drive to get this one finished is I really want to go back to the story I wrote last year. It's a funny thing. I'd wanted to write about this particular historical event for years - even tried a couple of times but didn't really get anywhere. Do you ever get a theme or subject in your head that won't go away? Eventually I got inspiration from two books I read in quick succession; that gave me the idea for a dual narrative (think The Hours with two stories instead of three) of women living in different times with parallels in their lives. Finally I managed to write something I felt did justice to the subject. However bad it was, I at least got it out of my system.

Anyway, I finished it last year (first draft anyhow) and put it away. Since then I pretty much made up my mind it wasn't commercial enough, but I recently had to describe it to someone and you know what - it didn't sound half bad. So my next task after this story is finished is to revisit it and see if I can make something of it.

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