Sunday, 11 January 2009

Sophocles RIP

Yesterday I looked out some old scripts I wrote a couple of years back and was pleasantly surprised to find they were not as dreadful as I had thought. I wrote them on a programme called Sophocles. At the time I bought it - must be 2004/5 - it was the best one I could find and quite reasonably priced.

Last year I started writing on a laptop and found Sophocles wouldn't work on Vista. I emailed Sophocles who sent me an add-on to solve the problem. It didn't. But at the time I was busy with the novel writing so I didn't pursue it.

Yesterday I decided to give it another try. Imagine my disappointment to find Sophocles no longer exists and I now hear it was bought up last spring, since when the website has vanished without a word.

It's a shame, and means I am now having to consider another screenwriting programme. I've downloaded the Movie Magic Screenwriter Demo. It looks very good, but at that price it damn well should be!

There's a lesson to be learned about buying programmes from small independent companies. Will they last or get bought out/crushed by the giants, taking your support with them? It's a consideration when buying software.

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