Thursday, 29 January 2009

I must be getting old

Nearly a week since my last post. Where is the time going? Seriously, we're nearly through January and I'm starting to sound like one of those Old Dears making small talk in the Post Office.

(No news yet so I'm trying to ignore it!)

In the post today I got my copy of a newly published How To book:

How Not To Write A Novel by Sandra Newman and Howard Mittelmark. I bought this because of an article someone posted on one of the writers' websites I frequent and it looked like a light-hearted take on the whole novel writing business. As I've said before I'm something of a How To Write book junkie. It's been a few weeks since I had my last fix so I'm looking forward to reading this one.

Meanwhile the writing goes on apace. I'm now onto chapter 7 of the new mystery. Managing 1000 words per day which I'm very pleased with (of course it is the first draft so who knows how much of it will survive!) Don't know whether anyone else will like it but I'm enjoying writing it immensely.


Tracy said...

Oh the waiting - isn't it the worst bit. It's like being in limbo.
As for the getting old bit - tell me about it. It's a certain birthday for me in February - woe is me!!
I'll keep checking in to see if there's been any developments on the waiting front. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Sandra Patterson said...

Thanks, Tracy. Limbo is the right word!

Col Bury said...

Hi Sandra,
1,000 words a day is excellent output. I'm impressed. I take it you're waiting in limbo regarding a MS you've been asked to send somewhere...? Enlighten me. Good luck anyway.

Sandra Patterson said...

Thanks Col. Yes, still no news. I have another full out at the moment too, and I'm still querying all over the place so I don't have all the eggs in one basket. The waiting is hard, but that's the way the system works so there's nothing else for it. From what I hear it can take a long time to hear anything (that's if you ever do hear anything - US agents tend not to reply at all!)

Col Bury said...

Geez, so you could be waiting forever...the key is to press on with other avenues/projects in the meantime me thinks. Let me know what the 'How (not) to' Novel book is, as I may indulge.