Monday, 11 August 2008

The end in sight...

Today I started the last chapter of current WIP. Oh, what a great feeling! I'm so near the end now I can almost smell it. It's no wonder really, I was working it out and it's been about 6 months to get to this stage. I take back what I said before, this time will be euphoric.

And not least because my next project is very near to my heart and my funny bone. It's going to be my first attempt at a comic novel. I have tried comedy before, but only sketches and an ill-fated sitcom that is gathering dust in the vault somewhere. (One day I may resurrect it for a rewrite.) But comedy is how I started writing in the first place. Many moons ago I submitted material for various sketch shows, and even had a couple used - the only occasion I've been paid for my writing. But I've never attempted comedy in prose before, so it will be a new departure for me.

I'm very influenced by Sue Townsend who is a national treasure in my opinion. I love her ability to get to the nub of the absurdities of life. I particularly like the royal family stories, The Queen and I etc. The way she punctures pomposity is just brilliant. I hate pomposity and pretentiousness, and they will be the main targets of my story.

But as a wise man once said, laughter is a serious business, so this one might just be my undoing. Watch this space!

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