Saturday, 19 May 2012

What I'm Reading

This week I have been mostly reading:

Techniques of the Selling Writer by Dwight V. Swain

I read this book yonks ago but what's alarming is I don't remember much of it.  Maybe it was too soon in my writerly development to make an impression.  Anyway, I saw it recommended recently and decided to revisit.  As you know, I'm something of a How to Write bookaholic - can't count how many I've devoured over the last ten years.

It's a relatively old book (first published 1965) but even taking that into account he gives sound advice on writing better stories, from structuring conflict  to developing workmanlike habits.  He stresses the importance of feeling in writing fiction, something that's easy to loose sight of when researching and becoming obsessed with facts.

Plotto by William Wallace Cook

Has been on my night stand for a few months.  It's another old book - 1928 this time - and is less a how to book than a catalogue of complications to help construct plots.  To be honest, I'm finding it hard to get into and haven't quite cracked the system he uses despite a couple of attempts.  Maybe I'll take it on holiday with me next month and give it my fuller attention.

The Secrets of eBook Publishing by Mark Coker

This is an easy to read guide by the founder of Smashwords.  Downloaded onto my Mac which means I can only read it in bite sized chunks, but a useful guide.

Think Like A Publisher by Dean Wesley Smith

Another How To guide, from publisher and author Smith.  Makes interesting reading on all aspects of setting yourself up as a publisher.


Writer Pat Newcombe said...

I loved reading Swain years ago and I still have it on my shelf and refer to it from time to time! The oldies are the besties!!

Sandra Patterson said...

It's terrific, isn't it? Good story telling never goes out of fashion.