Saturday, 3 March 2012

So Bored

I've been boring myself rigid this week.  It's a tedious job but someone has to do it.  Some time back I scribbled some chapters of current WIP into a sketch book and now, for the sake of being better organised and being able to find things (not to mention edit them) I'm transcribing into Scrivener.  Of all the many jobs a writer has to do, this is the one I find the most brain numbing.  And struggling to understand my handwriting isn't the only problem.  

Writing on the computer more or less all the time, I've become accustomed to spellchecker and the ability to quickly and easily alter a sentence virtually simultaneously.  I'll often rearrange and revise something as soon as it's on the screen.  Hand writing is a different ball game, as I'm discovering.  So much needs reworking I'm virtually rewriting the whole thing.  And it's very tiresome.

But onwards and upwards.  There are no shortcuts it would seem.  Thank God for word processors.

Speaking of which, here is a nifty free application called OmmWriter that I encountered recently.  Very simple, total blank screen and Zen-like background music to get you in the zone. Enjoy.

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