Sunday, 12 February 2012

In Praise of Libraries

I did something yesterday that I haven't done in yonks.  I went to the library.

Yes, I know. Flay me senseless with disapproving retorts.  Everyone knows you should Support Your Local Library and it was very remiss of me to neglect it for so long.  But to be honest I had forgotten all about it.  

Time was I hung around not only my local library, which isn't the greatest depository of reference material, but also the Central Library in Edinburgh, a better stocked resource, with the dedicated enthusiasm of a junkie.  When the lending allowance went up from 3 books to 15 I nearly fainted with excitement at the prospect of lugging great bagfuls of hardbacks home on wet winter evenings.  I could while away hours fingering the bindings.  

My local library looks nothing like this
So what happened?  The internet, that's what.  Why trudge out of the house when all you need to do is Google something?

But as I mentioned in my last post, I'm toying with art again and looking for inspirational material.  Some subjects call for hard copy and art is one of them.  Hence my visit, prodigal son-like, to the local library.

What was nice was they even remembered me after so long!  Now, that's the kind of personal treatment you don't get from Google, isn't it?  I might not use it much, but it's nice to know it's there.  So don't be like me, folks. Support Your Local Library.


TL Conway said...

love love love this post!

I love my local library. In fact, one key buying point for my house was knowing it was within walking distance to my local library. It's a perfect distance for a dog walk to return materials and pick up whatever else came in on my request list.

Nicole said...

Libraries are fantastic places! I still walk to my local one pretty often. They have a great kids reading room too, with painted walls and huge swinging doors that are carved like giant books. :)