Friday, 30 December 2011

Farewell then, 2011...

Thirty year old government papers published this week reveal that Thatcher's Tory Government were considering drastic measures to cope with civil unrest in 1981.  Just goes to show nothing changes.

And this being the end of a year,  it's only natural to take stock and look forward.  Given that nothing much changes, here are Mystic Sandra's predictions for 2012:

There may be some very cold weather, either in the early months of the year, or towards December.

Books, films and tv programmes about the Mayans will be very popular.

We're all going to get sick to death of hearing about the Mayans.  

We're all going to get sick to death of hearing about the Olympics.

Given it's a leap year, there will be an extra day, probably in February.

More publishers will go under, despite claims from industry insiders that the Kindle is just a fad.

There will be hot weather during the Summer months.

Apple will announce the development of a new computer which is so small it cannot be seen.

 The BBC will commission another fifty series of Doctor Who, including one in which B list celebrities ballroom dance.

Prince Harry will announce his engagement to Lady Gaga.

It will rain a lot in April.

Professor Richard Dawkins will publish another book about how God doesn't exist.

God will retaliate by making a ten part documentary about how Professor Richard Dawkins doesn't exist.

Amazon will invade China and replace all bicycles with Kindles. 

There will be a prevalence of hangovers on the first day of the year.

Whatever 2012 brings, a Very Happy New Year to you all!


Writer Pat Newcombe said...

LOL! You are soooo naughty! Love the thought of Prince Harry marrying Lady Gaga!!

Rosalie Warren said...

Thanks, Sandra - these made me smile. Can't wait to see God's documentary about Dawkins!

(Are you *sure* about the warm weather in the summer??)

Happy New Year!

Sandra Patterson said...

Thanks, girls!

No, Rosalie, I'm not at all convinced by the warm weather prediction. With the Olympics happening in London I'd say snow is far more likely.

Suzanne Jones said...

I'm mightily impressed by this list. I can see a number of your predictions coming true.

Hope 2012 is everything you want it to be.