Wednesday, 16 February 2011

And The Award For Bravery Goes To...

I'm passing this on because when I read it it made me smile and we can all do with reasons to smile, can't we?

Many blogs (not the ones I read, I hasten to add) seem to concentrate on the negative aspects of this writing life. Every post is like a side swipe at unpublished authors. You're never good enough, you're doing it all wrong, you can't get published that way...etc, etc, yada yada yada. And yes, it is tough - I'd never pretend otherwise - but is it really necessary to be so negative about people's efforts? Rejection is tough enough without some smarty pants blogger telling us how rubbish we are. So that's why this blog post made such a nice change.

And to all authors, published or unpublished, new or accomplished, rich or poor, I salute you. It is not an easy road we walk, and it takes brass cojones to even attempt it. You're all stars in my book.


Fiona Faith Maddock said...

Thanks Sandra! I agree with you. Actually I have an artist friend (oil painter) who gets the same mud (metaphorically speaking) thrown at her work too. Encouragement is always welcome, whichever medium you work in.

Jen said...

That's lovely, Sandra! Yay, my first award! I'm gonna share it with everyone!