Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Why write?

There are many reasons why we write. For most people it's a compulsion to create something unique and personal. Something lasting, an achievement they can be proud of.

I don't think it really matters why we write, as long as it gives us satisfaction. That should be reason enough.

Getting published is a whole different proposition. It comes as a shock to discover the world of publishing is not designed to satisfy the needs of writers. It is designed to meet the needs and desires of readers. This is where writing ceases to be an indulgence and becomes a job. Just because I get pleasure from writing my thoughts doesn't mean anyone will get pleasure from reading them.

So whenever I feel despondent about the mountain climb to getting published, I remind myself that no one ever promised me a book deal. It's a sad fact that many, many writers never get published. So getting published should never be the thing to pin your idea of success on - write for its own sake, because you love it. Write something you are proud of. Don't compromise to attain some elusive goal that may never happen.

And you'll always be a success, whatever happens.

And when it comes to getting published, remember you always have a choice. Moonrat's wonderful blog Editorial Ass discusses the options available for writers here.


Kate said...

Did you write that for me, Sandra? Good advice.

Sandra Patterson said...

For myself really, Kate. Glad you like it.