Sunday, 31 January 2010

The Ego Trap of Blogging

Blogging is fun, don't you think? What could be nicer than chatting away about your interests and seeing your words in print. It's every writer's dream, after all.

But therein lies the danger.

In the Bad Old Days, before the Internet freed us all from the limitations of our everyday lives, we had very little cause to spout forth our opinions. Even if anyone ever bothered to ask they probably wouldn't stick around long enough to listen to the answer. Not so these days. With our own blog the world is our audience and oh, how seductive that can be. Before long we can be so carried away with our own opinions we fall into the trap of thinking we're actually worth listening to.

Some blogs can get so pompous and full of their own importance they have the opposite effect to the one intended, ie to attract a readership. I've been turned off a couple of high profile ones for this reason. Preaching to the point of nagging, lecturing and criticising your readership are some common faux pas. Yes, it may be true that some of the folk out there trying to write a book will never accomplish that aim, but endlessly reminding them of how awful they are isn't going to win you any friends.

So always beware of the Ego Trap of falling in love with your own opinions. They're never as fascinating to others as they may seem to you. And while it's nice to be important, it's also important to be nice.


Lexi said...

Hmm - I wonder if you are referring to the same blogger that I got fed up with recently?

I revolted and de-linked her - the worst thing you can do to a blogger. That'll teach her to annoy me.


Sandra Patterson said...

Probably is, Lexi. I can name a few that fall into this category. But what a great evil genius you would make!

Kate said...

But my blog is perfect! It's all about me, so it must be. ;)

Seriously though, you're right. I keep thinking perhaps I should be trying to write more about writing etc, but there are so many that do that and I often wonder how much actual experience these people have.

Good post, Sandra. I won't de-link you yet. I wonder if it's painful to be de-linked?

Sandra Patterson said...

Sounds like it should be! But your blog is lovely, Kate and so is your website. Good job.