Thursday, 17 December 2009

Are you a Santa or a Scrooge?

In eight more days it'll be ...sorry, I said I wouldn't utter the C word, but there's no avoiding it...Christmas. So what does Christmas mean to you? Does it fill your heart with Joy, or your stomach with bile?

Why not take Sandra's quick festive quiz to find out if you're a Santa or a Scrooge:

1) When it comes to decorations, do you:
a. hire a lorry to bring home the biggest tree in the shop and cover your house in so many lights it can be seen from Mars and DC10s keep landing on the lawn.
b. go for a tasteful wreath on the front door and a modest tree in the window
c. grudgingly resurrect the carcass of last year's tree from the bottom of a skip

2) Does the sound of Christmas songs playing on Tesco's public address system:
a. get you choked up or joining in.
b. bring a smile to your face.
c. put you off your poptarts.

3) Do you get your Christmas cards:
a. from charity shops.
b. from a large retailer.
c. by keeping the ones you received last year and changing the name with correction fluid.

4) Do you think of Christmas as:
a. a blessed time of hope and goodwill.
b. a good excuse for a party.
c. a waste of money.

5) When choosing a present for a nephew you will:
a. spend hours roaming the shops for just the right one.
b. give him cash - he knows best what he likes.
c. wrap up that lousy pullover someone gave you three years ago.

6) When carol singers come to your door you will:
a. invite them in for sherry and mince pies.
b. shake their hands and put a fiver in their collection tin.
c. sneak out the back door and go to the pub.

7) Christmas telly is:
a. an extravaganza of entertainment.
b. not bad, but you're too busy with the family to watch much.
c. another reason to go to the pub.

8) When invited to spend the day with family you:
a. are overjoyed and insist everyone come to you.
b. steel yourself but enjoy it on the whole.
c. pretend your cooker has exploded and wangle a free meal from someone else.

Mostly A - Congratulations. You are more Santa than Santa, and should have a wonderful time whatever disaster might be lurking. Nothing puts a dent in your Christmas spirit.
Mostly B - You probably have the most balanced attitude. Again you'll enjoy yourself but you wouldn't miss it if it stopped.
Mostly C - Well, if ever someone needed a visit from three ghosts it's you, you miserable git. You'll have a lousy Christmas - it's the only thing you enjoy.

Well, I may not be blogging much over the holidays so let me take this opportunity to wish all my readers a Very Happy Christmas.


Kate said...

And a very merry christmas to you too Sandra - I was a mixture of A's and B's :-)

Lexi said...

Hang on, what about those of us who don't put up any Christmas decorations at all?

(This may or may not be me, I'm admitting nothing.)

Karen said...

I love your Christmas quiz! I'm a total scrooge but your scrooge answers put a smile on my face lol.

Anonymous said...

B for me, although I did have the car radio on full, singing along to the Xmas songs, while stuck in snow-jam 400yds from home.

- NaomiM