Friday, 21 November 2008

Adverb abuse

Yippee! I have a follower! Cheers, Lori! :-)

Adverbs. Do you use them? Well go and stand in the corner you naughty writer, you!

I've seen so many heated arguments about Adverbs and their misuse, I've decided to start the Society for the Prevention of Adverb Abuse. We aim to rescue adverbs that have been overused or callously tossed aside by an uncaring society. After careful rehabilitation they will be rehomed.

If you know of an adverb that is overused or neglected, please post it here so we can stop this cruelty.

And if you can offer a home to one of our adverbs in your story, please call us NOW. (Or NOWLY)


Blogey said...

This Society will be a great success, hopefully. I cannot think now of any adverbs that are overused but I'll come up with some idea later, hopefully, and I'll share it with you.

Sandra Patterson said...

You used hopefully twice in that post, Blogey, so that's a possible candidate?

Lori said...

Ok, Sandra, this is weird. I was thinking what does Blogey mean and why do you call me that.

I wrote that post, it is mine! And I don't know who this Blogey person is! How did this happen?

This is Lori (in case Blogey steals my post again).

Lori said...

Oops, guess what? I just realized that Blogey is my wonderful DH who had his Google account open when I wrote that comment so I was signed in as him. Sorry about that. He has secret identities that he keeps from me ... what can that possibly mean ... Hopefully nothing.